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Taking Notes


Client 6

Local Government Head of Service

Calum showed great commitment and enthusiasm during and between coaching sessions.   He had a real and tangible interest in our sessions and this helped me to relax and explore issues openly and honestly.  I felt that Calum assisted me in making new links in my thinking and also provided me with some ideas that I could reflect upon following the session.  It was clear that I was in the driving seat during the sessions and therefore responsible for change - I liked this as it gave real meaning and purpose to the sessions.  Calum consistently checked-in at the right times and quickly got used to the way I was reflecting on what we had discussed. He sought out different thinking pieces for me but did not 'teach' me them - clever!  Calum has a clear interest in organisations, cultures and the way in which they impact upon people and their behaviour so I have no doubt that he would be able to do this for any clients.

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Client 2

Local Government Business Manager

"I have worked with two previous coaches.  Working with Calum was by far the most productive.  He has a relaxed, easy style which helped me ease into our conversations, identify goals and outcomes.  I made significant progress quickly.  I wholeheartedly recommend Calum as an executive coach."

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Client 3

PGA Golf Professional

“Calum created the space for me to focus on the key priorities as I developed my new business venture."

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Client 8

Head Teacher

“I worked with Calum through a time of great change and uncertainty in my career.  Calum had an immensely positive impact on my personal growth, emotional well-being and self confidence.  This enabled me to make a significant change and create a healthy work life balance."

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Client 5

Banking Executive

”I worked with Calum to develop my career progression which helped me clarify my own thinking about the future and make positive steps to wards my goals.  Calum also supported me in maximising my productivity that led to increased productivity and better work-life balance.”

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Client 4

HM Inspector of Schools

Calum was the absolute definition of professional.  Clear communication and working with integrity inspired a trusting and positive session every time.  The goals we set were realistic and achievable. Setting targets and being successful has absolutely put me in a better place emotionally and professionally to make positive change. Calum and I developed a strong rapport quickly.  I trusted him implicitly with some very sensitive information.  He maintained the focus on me and supported me, even when I had to challenge my thinking.  Calum is an excellent communicator.  He listens very attentively which inspired my confidence in him.  I felt that the plans and strategies we discussed were owned by me, but Calum helped me to shape them.  Calum does his homework and clearly understands the context and pressures.  He quickly understood the high level I am working at and the expectations of me. 

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Client 1

C-Suite Executive

Calum is an inspirational, supportive and caring person who wants to encourage those whom he coaches to achieve their goals. His style is to fully engage with you and help you to understand your strengths & full potential through incisive and reflective questions. I would whole-heartedly recommend Calum as an outstanding coach.

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